Alta Costura Que Inspira

Durante cada temporada de la semana de la moda de la alta costura en la ciudad luz la moda más original de las casas más prestigiosas proponen la moda desde otra perspectiva- y partiendo desde un aspecto impresionante.

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Aurore’s Wake Up Call

Aurore’s Wake Up Call to humanism, solidarity and secularism was achieved with a series of spreads using fashion names and logos creating the disparity of what a day to day life represents on the streets of France or anywhere else in the world.   Produced by social welfare organisation Aurore, the promotion turns the logos […]

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Dior And I

Dior and I is a feature -length documentary that takes the viewer behind the scenes of the creation of designer Raf Simons’ first haute couture collection for the legendary Christian Dior fashion house in the spring of 2012. Granted unprecedented access, the film documents the eight stressful weeks that Simons had to complete his debut collection.  Revealing the […]

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