Moda Atrevida

Las tendencias han traído moda audaz, escandalosa, cuestionable, controversial y eventualmente todas han encontrado sus 15 minutos de fama,  y mas interesante aun -muchas terminaron por convertirse en parte de nuestro guardarropas, -perdiendo en el proceso ese elemento que en un momento determinado la hizo tan prohibitiva, y atractiva a la vez.         Por […]

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Runway Maquillage & Coiffure

Notice runway hair & makeup complete a unique aesthetic, a vision for  a specific collection with the latest colors, application techniques and hair styles; creating an amazing  array of imagery. This season the kabuki approach, the female icons of  the 50’s & 60’s and at Dior, Guido Palau even channeled Star Wars princess Leia’s braids, […]

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Fashion Icons Illustrated

I have always been drawing. As far as I can remember, I’ve always had a pen or brush in my hand. I can still see myself, at the age of two, in the kitchen hesitating between two shades of blue. I soon became obsessed with René Gruau’s work when I saw a retrospective of his most […]

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